English at the mid-century (1951)

LaBrant, L. (1951, April). English at the mid-century. RHO Journal, 28-31.

LaBrant notes she intends to address “some aspects of the English language at the middle of the twentieth century” (p. 28). She focuses on the need to consider how language has changed since the world has also changed.

Quoting LaBrant:

It is strange that many teachers, especially teachers of English, are distressed instead of pleased to learn of changes in the language. (p. 29)

…Adolph Hitler voiced and promoted a horrible doctrine: that a man or nation was justified, to serve selfish ends, in using language to confuse rather than inform; that the big lie, repeated, could destroy the effectiveness of truth even with those who recognized the lie, and that this kind of behavior could be justified. Russia has frequently adopted such action. Unfortunately some Americans have also, although as a nation we have abhorred this doctrine….

First page:


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