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Public School 65, Down on the Lower East Side (1988)

LaBrant, L. (1988). Public School 65, down on the lower east side. Teaching Education, 2(1), 6-9.

PS 65 p. 6

PS 65 p. 7

PS 65 p. 8

PS 65 p. 9

Preparation for the Teacher of English Composition (1930)

LaBrant, L. (1930, February). Preparation for the teacher of English composition. Bulletin of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English, 15(3), 4-6.

Based on a meeting by the Kansas Association of Teachers of English to discuss teacher preparation of English teachers, LaBrant discusses the need for English teachers to have extensive language training and an awareness that English is a changing language.

Quoting LaBrant:

The teacher must be intelligent concerning language growth before he can know how and when to correct even such errors. He must remember always that he is teaching a changing language at the growing end. …[T]hat to teach even the simplest matter in language training calls for an understanding of the structures and trends in language. (p. 6)