Works by LaBrant: Chronological Bibliography

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LaBrant, L.  (1926). Intelligence rating of high school pupils and their achievement in college. Bulletin of Education (University of Kansas), 1(1), 20-22.

LaBrant, L. (1927). Certain criteria for classifying pupils in literature courses. The School Review, 458–466.

LaBrant, L. (1930, February). Preparation for the teacher of English composition. Bulletin of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English, 15(3), 4-6.

LaBrant, L. (1931, March). Masquerading. The English Journal, 20(3), 244-246.

LaBrant, L. (1931). Differentiated teaching of literature. The English Journal, 20(7), 548–556.

LaBrant, L.L. (1934, March). The changing sentence structure of children. The Elementary English Review, 11(3), 59-65, 86

LaBrant, L. (1936, April). The psychological basis for creative writing. The English Journal, 25(4), 292-301.

LaBrant, L. (1936, May 13). The fallacy of “modified courses.” Educational Research Bulletin, 15(5), 141-143.

LaBrant, L. L., & Heller, F. M. (1936, March 15). Magazine reading in an experimental school. The Library Journal, 213–217.

LaBrant, L. (1937, February 17). The content of a free reading program. Educational Research Bulletin, 16(2), 29–34.

LaBrant, L. (1939, November). An English program based on present needs. The High School Journal, 22(7), 269-271.

LaBrant, L. (1940, May). The place of English in general education. The English Journal, 29(5), 356-365.

LaBrant, L. (1941). English in the American scene. The English Journal, 30(3), 203–209.

LaBrant, L. (1942, November). What shall we do about reading today?: A symposium [Lou LaBrant]. The Elementary English Review, 19(7), 240-241.

LaBrant, L. (1943, March). Language teaching in a changing world. The Elementary English Review, 20(3), 93–97.

LaBrant, L. (1943, December). To keep the peace. Education, 64(4), 225-230.

LaBrant, L. (1944, March). 3. Open for inspection. The Stanford language arts investigation: A symposium. The English Journal, 33(3), 123-125.

LaBrant, L. (1944, November). The words they know. The English Journal, 33(9), 475-480.

LaBrant, L. (1945, November). [Comment]. Our Readers Think: About Integration. The English Journal, 34(9), 497-502.

LaBrant, L. (1946). Teaching high-school students to write. English Journal, 35(3), 123–128.

LaBrant, L. (1946, June). The words of my mouth. English Journal, 35(6), 323-327.

LaBrant, L. (1947). Research in language. Elementary English, 24(1), 86–94.

LaBrant, L. (1949, January). A little list. English Journal, 38(1), 37–40.

LaBrant, L. (1949, May). Analysis of clichés and abstractions. English Journal, 38(5), 275-278.

LaBrant, L. (1950, April). The individual and his writing. Elementary English27(4), 261-265.

LaBrant, L. (1951). Diversifying the matter. English Journal, 40(3), 134–139.

LaBrant, L. (1951). We teach English. New York, NY: Harcourt, Brace and Company.

LaBrant, L. (1952, September). New bottles for new wine. The English Journal, 41(7), 341-347.

LaBrant, L. (1953). Writing is learned by writing. Elementary English, 30(7), 417-420.

LaBrant, L. (1955). Inducing students to write. English Journal, 44(2), 70-74, 116.

LaBrant, L. (1957). Writing is more than structure. English Journal, 46(5), 252–256, 293.

LaBrant, L. (1961). The rights and responsibilities of the teacher of English. English Journal, 50(6), 379–383, 391.

LaBrant, L. (1961). The use of communication media. In M. Willis, The guinea pigs after twenty years (pp. 127–164). Columbus: Ohio State University Press.

LaBrant, L. (1964). The drill book—Master or tool? Teacher’s edition. Read, 14(6), 1, 6–7.

LaBrant, L. (1965). Broadening the experiences of deprived readers. Education, 499–502.

LaBrant, L. (1988). Public school 65, down on the lower east side. Teaching Education, 2(1), 6–9.

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